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The issues of Cyber Bullying and harassment are gradually becoming a great concern for socialists. The problem of bullying has turned out to be one of the most prevalent problems the current society is facing today and hence different social media sites are taking robust steps forward to fight with it.

The ever-increasing employment of the Internet has raised the intensity of aggravations for social media users. In order to combat bullying, the leading social platforms media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are adding new privacy tools to their apps. In September this year, Instagram rolled out added a new ‘hate speech filter’ for enabling its users to remove some selected keywords from the comments. Now the Facebook-owned firm is adding new Privacy Tool that will allow the users to turn off the comments completely.

On Tuesday, the co-founder and CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom issued a blog post, mentioning about the new tools and features for ensuring users better protection and privacy guards. Through the blog post, he announced some new tools which are aimed at making the platform of Instagram more protective for users.

As per the official statement, the new updated version of Instagram will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The new feature will enable users to turn off the comments on individual posts completely.

According to the statement of Kevin Systrom, “Comment Section of Instagram is where the majority of chat takes place. Though the majority of the comments are found to be positive, some abusive and distasteful comments are polluting the app’s integrity and authenticity. Now as a part of the update, Instagram users will be able to take out the unwanted followers from their accounts. Moreover, they also can turn off the comment option for individual posts to avoid any insulting and hateful remarks.”

Earlier, Instagram lacks the option of removing unwanted followers without blocking them. But the new feature will allow them to do it without blocking the contact.

Moreover, the new version of Instagram also carries the option to report namelessly on posts that demonstrate with the intention of self-harm. One can also turn the comment option for individual posts completely.

In addition to the new features, Instagram with the intention to encourage positivity among users is also going to add the option of commenting on posts by clicking on a heart icon.

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