Google Allo gets Hindi support for Assistant and new Smart Reply features

In order to offer the AI-based instant messaging service in local languages, the tech giant Google on Monday has launched Hindi support for its Allo app. The company said that the messaging app Allo will now have Hindi language capabilities.

Google said in a statement that new updates in ‘Google Assistant’ and ‘Smart Reply’ features rolled out on Allo from Monday on Android and iOS devices. Besides, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager of Google said that the AI-based messaging app from Google has received “tremendous response in India which has one of the highest number of Google Allo users.”

He further added that one out of 12 message from Allo is made to Google Assistant and they are glad to know this, also with the recent launch enabled the company to broaden these features to the next millions of users in a language of their choice.

Google suggested users that they can chat one-on-one with their Assitant, or can type @google to bring Assistant in a group chat. Also, to start the conversation in Hindi the user have to say, ‘Talk to me in Hindi’ or have to adjust the language setting the device.

Google Allo makes it easier for users to respond to the messages quickly on a single tap. It helps to keep the conversation moving, even when one is on the go. Making it lot more easy, the recently launched feature ‘Smart Reply’ offers options for sharing photos, emojis and stickers while responding. It also recognises the users chatting language and suggests replies in the similar language. For instance, if your friend sends you a message, ‘Or kya kar rha hai?’ The Smart Reply will suggest you options including, ‘kuch nahi’ which could be sent with a single tap.

With the Allo, users now won’t be required to leave a chat just to find something on Google like an address, a meaning, or to share a YouTube video or pick a dinner spot. Apart from this, the app also provides periodically updates from news, weather, traffic, sports or upcoming flight status. While the Assistant also provides instant information of nearest ATMs, pharmacies, banks, parking gas stations and grocery stores, etc., and directions right within their conversation from the Google Assistant.

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  • Samskarebyaha S

    What Google Allo needs is voice and video feature. Its stupid to have a name called Allo and people cant say Allo. And its even more stupid to have an app called Duo in which you have only video calling feature. Why would you want to have the video on for everybody you call?