PM Modi Launching BHIM App

BHIM App, or the Bharat Interface for Money App, is another initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BHIM App has been launched to provide Indians, a cashless, hassle-free, safe and secure payment method. It will be run by Indian government itself.

The New year, 2017 is already here and Narendra Modi has already started off this new year by gifting his citizens a new ‘Made in India’ transaction platform to steer India’s digital Economy. On 30th December 2016, Friday, Modi declared the launch of BHIM App and in two days, the App has already received a hearty launch day with positive reviews from Indian citizens. Modi’s aims to enhance and expand India’s digital economy and convince Indians to go cashless. With the launch of BHIM App, Narendra Modi is another step closer to #gocashlessIndians movement.

What is BHIM App?

BHIM App is an initiative by the Indian government, under the supervision of Prime Minister Narendra Minister. It is an interoperable online transaction platform, powered by Unified payment Interface Application(UPI) and other bank accounts. This application is developed by National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI). After the November 8 Demonetisation Act, the BHIM App is an ultimate support to the entire method of ruling out old 500 and 1000 INR notes. Since, the Application is Aadhar Card enabled, which is India’s Unique Identification Card, it finally puts an end to the excess upheaval towards other e-wallets, which are not easily available to all. The Android version of this application is already been launched on December 30, 2016, and are available on Play store. The iOS version is in the process and will soon be launched nationwide.

On an address to the citizens on New Year’s eve, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ” The BHIM App is my gift to my citizens, on New year. With this app, only your thumb will be needed to make payments. You eventually will not be depended on the internet, on smartphones, your thumb will be your bank.” The BHIM App will only use one primary address in <mobile number@upi> or <preferred user id@UPI> format to pay or receive money.

How to use BHIM App?

The BHIM App is aimed to bring the digital economy of India, under a concentrated platform and diverse the effect nationwide, so that withdrawal of cash doesn’t be a problem anymore. After the Demonetisation Act by Narendra Modi, when everybody was looking forward to Modiji’s more stress on ruling out other INR notes, he gifted Indians with a new platform to explore and use.

Since BHIM App is new and people are looking forward to different ways to get familiar with it, this is how you can use the BHIM App.

  1. Download and set up:

The BHIM App is launched for Android platform only. You can easily download the app from Plat store.

Once you download the application from play store, the first page that will appear on the screen, once you open the application, will ask you to choose Language(English or Hindi). Choose your preferred language. The Application will automatically detect your phone number, that is already inserted in the phone and ask your mail ID. In case, you are using a dual SIM phone, the application will ask about your preference. Finally, select your bank and add your bank details and you are all set to explore the application.

  1. Sending Money:

    Sending money is easy with BHIM App. Just enter the phone number or UPI account number of the person who wants to send the money. The application will verify the account and transfer the money. You can even transfer the money directly to the payee’s bank account.

3. Request Money:

There is a request option in the application. Click on the request option and enter the phone number of the person, you want to request money from. And in no time, the person will receive a notification dictating your request.

4. Scan and pay:

There is a scan option in the BHIM App. This is the place where the QR code appears. Just scan the code and enter the payable amount.

The BHIM App is launched with an aim to digitally connect all the payees and payers on one platform. The App is easy to use, used safe and secure encrypted payment methods for online transaction. With the completion of two months of Demonetisation Act by Narendra Modi, the BHIM App can help to reduce the long queues outside the ATMs.

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