Watch the stunning video of Lion stuck and swim in Arabian sea, later rescued

In a bizarre incident, a lion that reportedly escaped from Gujarat’s Gir forests was found stuck in ocean creek. Incident took place near Jafrabad port in Amreli district, Arabian Sea. The stunning incident was recorded by the local people in the camera which was released online. Soon the after launch of video, it went viral in the social media.

According to reports, fishermen first saw the big cat sitting on the edge of the rock on the beach when they were out in the morning for fishing. Soon, the reports of lion spread like fire in the forest and local residents along with some other fishermen gathered to witness the presence of lion. Although, they were excited but at the same time it also spread panic among fishermen and local people.

What people saw next, struck them as s bolt of lightening as lion dived into the sea from the same spot where he was sitting and started swimming in the Arabian sea.  Local people informed the forest department about the incident and officials along with some other enthusiasts rushed to the spot to get a glimpse of lion and rescue.

Forest officials successfully rescued the endangered animal after tranquillizing it and later sent the body for medical examination in animal care centre. According to officials, they will keep a close eye over the behaviour and health of the lion and will release the animal after proper treatment when everything becomes stable.

When asked about how the lion reached on the ocean creek, forests officials said that the lion has strayed into the port area from nearby forest of the Gir National Park. Moreover, further investigation will reveal how lion made it to the rocks on the Jafrabad port.

Watch the stunning video here:

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