Two scientists honored China’s top Science Wward

Two Chinese scientists, physicist Zhao Zhongxian, and Tu Youyou, a pharmacologist won China’s top science prize on Monday for their remarkable and impressive contributions to the technological and scientific innovations.

Tu Youyou has won the Nobel Prize in physics or medicine in the year 2015 for her discovery of artemisinin, an anti-malarial drug, while Zhao Zhongxian is a prominent scientist in superconductivity.

Chinese president Xi Jinping presented the award certificates to Zhao and Tu along with other respectable scientists and researchers. The two of them were presented with the award at an annual ceremony that was held to honor distinguished scientists and other research achievements that were conducted in the capital of China, Beijing.

President Xi, along with other leaders, including Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, and Zhang Gaoli, also presented the awards to the achievers.

China will be seen in advancing some key projects in technology focusing on the future needs, improved infrastructure, establishing mechanisms to lead support to the S&T workers, and also enhancing the basic S&T innovations and research.

According to Li Keqiang, the research institutions, universities, and all the people that will be taking lead in the S&T innovation will be given more authority in doing their job.

Li also added the distribution policies must be carried out in an advanced way to honor and reward the innovators and the country is thinking to offer some more opportunities for S&T talent to fulfill their goals may it be from abroad or from home, here in china.

Li acknowledged the fast growth of all the emerging industries like the digital, platform and sharing economies and also endorsed sensible supervision to keep the market healthy.

Li also urged an accelerated research and development for the advanced and high-quality products to accommodate the multilayer consumer demands, and also raise the profile along with the quality of “made in China”.

The ceremony was attended by almost 3,300 representatives from the Communist party of china, state, and military organs and also S&T circles. The leaders and the president honored 29 projects, seven scientists and one international organization with national prizes.

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