Stop eating beef to protect our Earth, says UN

United Nations has suggested stop eating meat, in particular, beef as it is harmful to our environment.  According to experts meat is one of the prime reason behind deteriorating global environment and a major reason behind global warming.

Beef is one of the biggest source of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere, according to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It’s pretty energy intensive to supply every gram of beef. UNEP estimated that every hamburger made of beef releases nearly 3 kg of carbon components in the atmosphere. While explaining UNEP said that the carbon dioxide released by the livestock industry is even higher than the pollution emitted by vehicles all around the globe.

According to FAO, transport sector contributes nearly 15 percent of the total carbon dioxide emission while livestock industry accounts for 18.5 percent of the worldwide greenhouse gas emission. The figures are mind-boggling as people thought that the transport sector was the largest contributor to the greenhouse emission.

“This over consumption of meat is really killing many things (there has to be a campaign) that big meat consumers should stop that. At least try one day without meat,” said Laurence Tubiana, the French Ambassador for the Paris Climate Change Negotiations scheduled to be held in December.

According to the study conducted by UNEP back in 2012, Indians eat on an average 12 grams meat per day which way less than the world average of 115 grams. While the US topped the list with an average consumption of 322 grams meat per day. People in China too consumes more meat that the world average with 160 grams per day.

Today global warming has become the most concerned issue of the world, it seems that becoming vegetarian can save our Earth by reducing carbon emission.

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  • SuperHero

    Now, Muslim preachers (offshoot of Online Jehad of ISIS) will come to prove how meat eating is very auspicious work ordered by Allah himself. Dear Morons, yes 20000 years ago everyone ate meat because we were hunters. Later we became agriculturist, our ancestors found that meat causes a lot of problem to the body (if you don’t workout daily like a Lion). Hence, in time to come Hinduism preached not to kill mammals (with low fecundity). Humanity is to learn from mistakes, not repeating them.

    • Shashiendra

      I doubt whether every one ate meat at any point of time during the evolution of mankind.
      Just like rape and terrorism are cowardly acts, so is the killing of animals for food and I doubt that at any point of time the earth would have been inhabited with 100% cowards.

    • Siv

      There is evidence of Wheat being farmed in the Gangetic plains around UP about 25000 to 30000 years ago.