The second phase of Odd-Even rule has miserably failed in the national capital as the air pollution levels in Delhi rose by over 23 percent from April 15 to April 29. The analysis of air pollution was done by estimating the levels of PM (particulate matter) 2.5 and PM 10.

Arvind Kejriwal’s second implementation of the 15-day experiment was meant to curb the deteriorating air pollution but eventually it ended up worsening the situation. According to reports, particulate matter rose thrice the permissible limits.

According to data released by the Union Ministry of Earth Science’s SAFAR index, the level of PM 2.5 was measured above 184.3 micrograms per cubic metre on the last day of the experiment while the level of PM 10 was hovering around 362.2 micrograms per cubic metre. It is to be noticed that permissible limits of PM 2.5 and PM 10 are 60 and 100 micrograms per cubic metre respectively but they are present in three times more than the standard limit.

Dr. Gufran Beig, the programme director of SAFAR said that air quality dipped in last three days but it showed some improvements on the last day and such slight fluctuations are normal in the city like Delhi.

At the start of the second phase of Odd-Even rule on April 15, was 120 micrograms per cubic metre which is twice the standard limit. The 15-day experiment increased the PM 2.5 levels to thrice the permissible limit.

While explaining a government official said that it is hard to check the pollution levels as it varies vastly in different parts of the city. “This would have been possible in a laboratory. But, in a city as vast as Delhi it is nearly impossible to identify the impact. There would definitely be some impact as we are reducing the number of cars, but it is difficult to calculate,” said the official.

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  • Ashy

    hahahaha. What else to expect?

  • Rajat

    Govt slow action for promoting electric cars are the result. Time now to shift to electric cars with electric chargeable stations. Dedicated Electric Buss Line Routes, even dedicated Electric Trucks Routes. This is only way to keep some changes. Please the recent fire in North India Hill Stations also adds up smoke in air. We need more and more by-pass roads so that all heavy trucks can bypass. Please remove all encroachments on payments. People are forced to walk on roads for even to near by markets. We need better traffic managements.

  • himanshu

    How quickly do we jump to conclusions to declare a scheme a success or a failure? And I also love the news agencies and websites, which will simply claim that the views are of the author if it is proven otherwise.
    for the record, the two agencies which have been asked to submit the report to the NGT on effectiveness of the odd-even have both claimed that they cannot say for sure about the the impact. both of them have said that it is not ‘scientific’ to simply look at pm 2.5 and PM10 numbers and say if it is a success or not. Weather conditions, particularly wind speeds play critical role in determining. The studies will reveal the concentration of different pollutants in the air and the effect weather may have played during that period.
    I personally too believe that it was not really a success but my presumption is based on traffic flow patterns, which were not as good as in January. Schools and increased exemptions resulted in more traffic this time round. More traffic results in more congestion and that will result in more than anticipated pollution. However to say that reducing the number of vehicles on road will have no or little impact on pollution is ridiculous.

  • armaan

    A-K 49 …..tu kuchh nhi kr sakta….only Modi ji ki burai kr sakte ho…aur wahi kr rhe ho…

  • pramodkaimalatgmail

    Wow what a wonderful and happy NEWS that Kejriwal’s first trial into the corruption Bandwagon has started to fail, had he fixed a GOVERNMENT subsidised Fixed PRICE for the turn over/conversion to LPG GAS some/most of the affected people/cab drivers could have taken the STEP, than bulge Kejriwal’s pockets with Commisions from the LPG converters. Ha Ha ha

  • Deshdharam

    Jhumlas have won in failing anti pollution drive by Delhi govt and gloating about it. They don’t care for the people, country or city, but just for their power. But greedy jhumlas are going to fail in every election. They have exposed themself by their intolerant, anti people, anti national attitude and designs.

  • Yogesh Dixit

    But AK said it was a huge success!

  • S.K. Gautam

    Who says odd even formula is fail? Only the person who had taken a contract to criticisms of Delhi Govt. The people in Delhi are happy with the role of Delhi Govt. in each direction.