Researchers unearth two oldest shark fossils in US, 300 million year old!

Researchers found the dinosaur fossil from Texas. When summed up the researchers concluded that the creature would have looked somewhat like a gigantic shark. After studying the shark remains, researchers concluded that the giant sharks lived millions of years ago than previously thought and they go much further back into the fossil record. Researchers from Dallas Paleontological Society and American Museum of Natural History, under the crust of Texas, found fossils of some huge creatures. The scientists were shocked when their research suggested that these fossils were of creatures that existed 300 million years ago i.e. before the time of dinosaurs in an era called Carboniferous. Texas, where the fossils were discovered, was flooded by the shallow sea where these gigantic sea animals ruled.

Previously, researchers were able to unearth giant sharks from rocks that were nearly 130 million years old, from the age of dinosaurs. While “Megalodon”, the largest shark ever to live on the Earth (can reach up to 67 feet in length) is younger with the oldest fossil discovered, reported to be just 15 million years old.

In addition, researchers also tried to estimate the size of sharks and how big they would have grown by comparing the smaller and more complete fossils of closely related sharks recovered till date. Researchers were astonished to note that the gigantic sharks that lived in Texas 300 million years ago were between 18 and 26 feet in length while largest sharks would have been nearly 25 percent larger than the Great White sharks, largest sharks of the present world. The find suggests that Texas sharks were largest sharks to live in the sea before the Megalodon.

The study appeared in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.


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