Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the inaugural ceremony of 1st International Agrobiodiversity
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the inaugural ceremony of 1st International Agrobiodiversity

PM Narendra Modi appealed the scientific community on Sunday to carry out an audit of scientific development to effectively filter any of its negative impacts, if there is any. Mr. Modi has also prompted people to be aware of modifying trends in agricultural technology.

PM has made such appeal on Sunday while addressing the first International Agro-Biodiversity Congress (IAC) at Vigyan Bhawan, regarding the usage of pesticides in agriculture. He also presented an example through a report that depicted the negative effects of pesticides towards the honeybees, and also cited how the excess usage of pesticides has affected productivity in certain parts of the nation. The IAC witnessed about 900 scientists from about 60 nations.

Modi claimed that pesticide usage is also a prime issue as it kills the bugs which have the positive effects towards the entire agricultural ecosystem. Signifying the research priorities on agricultural biodiversity in better safety of international food and health protection, the PM emphasized highlighting the best efforts in agriculture regarding the better preservation of natural resources for the upcoming generation.

During his address, the PM expressed his concerns regarding the extinction of certain species of plants and animals. Modi said the international regulations on agrobiodiversity conservation need to be synchronized in a strategic way to ensure that it doesn’t affect the escalation of agriculture, especially in the developing nations.

The PM also alerted against overlooking significant growth and maintenance of biodiversity, at the same time addressing effective solutions towards the issues like poverty, undernourishment, lack of food, etc in a noteworthy way through the greater usage of science and technology.

Modi claimed that the modern human beings have exploited natural resources in an ignorant way, under the aegis of developmental excuses. This is the reason that the environmental challenges are expected even to grow further in upcoming days. Modi showed concerns about millions of people around the globe suffering from lack of food, undernourishment, poverty, etc.

He said science and technology can play a pivotal role in addressing such issues in an effective way. At the same time, Modi also urged to keep on sustainable development and biodiversity conservation, in concurrence with finding effective solutions towards biodiversity issues. Through the process, a healthy development of mankind, in true sense can be realised.

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