While commenting in a conference about the protection of planet Earth His Highness, Tibetan spiritual leader,Dalai Lama asked his followers to create  awareness amongst the commoners about the importance and the need to protect the ‘Blue Planet’ as there is no other planet that we can move to if we let the degradation of environment to continue. The 14th Dalai Lama, echoing the statements by Pope Francis, also told that it would become a question of human survival if no steps are taken to combat global warming.

The 80-year old also stated that it was not about a nation or two, the question is about the world and the world has to stand as one and face it. He further continued that people are the only one responsible for global warming. He also said, “We have to take serious concern about the protection of the environment.”

The noble peace laureate also released a video, in which he stated “Now, on top of these man-made problems, we have climate change and environment problem. I think, to some extent, the position of the whole galaxy is changing.”

Dalai lama is also so highly concerned about the global warming as Tibet, his homeland is degrading at a very high rate. Lama blamed the high altitude and dry climate  of Tibet to be the reason for high rate of degradation and the same to be the reason of its much higher time to recover. therefore the climatic conditions in Tibet are very delicate.

Tibet is also identified as a tipping point  in a research conducted 23 days ago by an international team of researchers and climate scientists. These 41 tipping points are the locations of the world which are at the highest point of danger in the world if the global warming continues to increase at the same rate. These places will be the first and the highest to be degraded.

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  • Francesca Hampton

    Glad to hear this news. Not sure why the author used the word “commoners”. Doubt very much His Holiness would use that condescending feudal term to refer to non-scientists. Also, “tipping point” in my understanding, has always meant situations in which melting would cause release of greenhouse gases that would then continue on their own to increase climate change effects, even without additional human action, e.g. the melting of the arctic tundra is now releasing methane bubbles in arctic lakes. Perhaps Tibet has sections which are doing the same thing?