new terrestrial lives

As the new year struck the clock, the scientists disclose their discovery of new terrestrial lives on Europa. It seems that the long search for new terrestrial lives has finally brought some fresh air to the research project, with the discovery of alien life on Enceladus or preferably known as Europa.

Ever since Humans took over the planet, the scientists are searching for the traces of alien lives and the search is ever ending. 2016 didn’t bring any discovery of new terrestrial lives, but 2017 surely has brought some already. A physicist from the United Kingdom named Simon Foster have suggested that traces of new terrestrial lives may not be discovered on Mars or Jupiter, but certainly some can be found on the moon of Saturn, Enceladus or moon of Jupiter, Europa. According to Professor Simon Foster, with the end of spacecraft Cassini’s mission this year, the mission is most likely to come up with an incredible discovery of some rough traces of new terrestrial lives, in far away celestial bodies.

The main reason for considering Enceladus and Europa to conduct new space missions to search for new terrestrial lives is because NASA scientists have discovered that Enceladus and Europa are icy moons and that it can have a subsurface of the ocean beyond its thick layer of ice.

new terrestrial lives

However, many times in past, certain unknown radio signals were considered as the traces of new terrestrial lives on some other planets, but soon after, it was discovered that it either happened due to a new type of star or old neutrons, which caused Radio signals bursts. Lots of research and spacecraft missions were carried out to find out traces of new terrestrial lives, but everything ruled out the other and nothing was found till date. But Professor of Imperial college London, have some strong faiths that this year will bring home some good news.

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