Climate change will create drought-like situation in Nepal within a decade

Nepal might witness drought-like situation by next decade due to deforestation, population increase, overuse of land for agricultural purposes, claims a new study that monitored climatic conditions in the country. If no major steps are taken to improve the current conditions in Nepal, then the country may face drought-like condition and people may not even have enough water for drinking purpose within the next decade.

A team of researchers from Baylor University, Texas found this using a complex modeling tool called SWAT (Soil and Water Assesment Tool). The researchers analysed land use pattern, soil types, topography and meteorology to predict the future soil eroding, climate change and snowmelt pattern of Nepal and came to the assessment of lack of drinking water availability. The team also stated that the government should strictly prohibit deforestation and take some strict actions for more tree plantations. The commoners should be promoted for taking some control to the increasing population of the country.

According to a statement by a professor of Baylor’s college “The Nepalese population in this region will face many challenges over the coming decades as soil degrades and water resources continue to place enormous strains on food production and intensify recent trends of subsequent malnutrition, particularly in young children.”

The country is facing somewhat Tibet like situations due to high altitude and dry climatic conditions, these countries are highly vulnerable to climate changes and according to the 14th Dalai Lama said “This is not a question of one nation or two nations. This is a question of humanity affecting the whole world.”

Nepal may also come in the 41 ‘tipping points’ identified by the international team of researchers and scientists. These tipping points are those places in the world that would be the first and highest affected places if global warming continues at the same pace.

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