IXPE mission

Recently NASA has selected IXPE mission for the astronomers to study and explore the black holes of the solar system. The center has reported that they want to solve the cosmic X-ray mysteries.

For the very first time, NASA is about to start a mission for black hole study. This mission is most likely to expose fundamental details of exotic astronomical objects. Stellar, cosmic X-Ray, steroids, and rare comets are the main focus. Solar objects like black hole are capable of heating the surrounding gasses, to million degrees above its tolerance limit. The polarization of these  highly energized X-Ray radiations are transmitted in one vibrating direction.

The IXPE mission is equipped with three different telescopes. The cameras attached to the telescope are capable of measuring the polarizing power of the cosmic X-rays. Hence, in a very short time, the fundamental behaviors of this cosmic X-rays will be exposed to media. Gravitational field force, electric field effect and magnetic field effect are targeted to study, during this mission.

Scientist Paul Hertz of NASA said ” It is not possible to directly image the characteristics of the near object like black holes, neutron stars, and pulses. Hence studying the polarization of cosmic x-ray, which is emitted from their surrounding environment will reveal the Physics behind these enigmatic objects.” Studying black holes was never possible, due to its changing properties. However, IXPE mission is aimed to reveal the dark characteristics of these solar objects.

On September 2014, scientists at NASA tried to form proposals for this mission. Consequently after submitting 14 different proposals, finally, only 3 mission concepts passed by the higher administrative department of NASA. The successful completion of Cosmic X-ray mission will definitely open a low-cost access to space. IXPE will definitely open a new window for the astronomers to study and reveal the deepest secrets of black holes.

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