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A S Kiran Kumar, Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, has warned people of unprecedented climate changes and is concerned over the environment health that has degraded due to human activities. In addition, climate change is no longer a matter of scientific curiosity, but it is the biggest challenge before the world that can badly affect several aspects including environment, health, agriculture, economy, livelihood, weather, etc.

“Climate change is amongst the most concerning issues being discussed across the world. Shifting weather patterns, threat to food production through increased unpredictability of precipitation, rising sea levels contaminating coastal freshwater reserves, increasing risk of catastrophic flooding, and a warming atmosphere aids the pole-ward spread of pests and diseases once limited to the tropics,” Kumar said at the second convocation of Assam Kaziranga University.

While talking of new inventions, Kumar said that most of the designs are inspired from nature and it’s the duty of engineers and scientists to develop technology that consumes lesser power and are more efficient that too without causing much harm to the environment. However, we are causing irreparable damage to the environment just for short-term gains and this greediness will cost fortunes in future. He further added that “our that ancestors were also humans, but they didn’t cause any harm to the environment and we humans have used the environment just for our profit without thinking of giving something back to the motherland and now we are witnessing unprecedented changes.”

ISRO’s North Eastern Space Application Centre at Shillong has developed some innovating techniques to improve the weather forecast services in the north-eastern region, It is to be noticed that north-east region boasts the high risk of natural disasters like forest fire, landslide, floods and thunderstorms. With help of the new weather forecast system, scientists will able to predict the calamity and warn people more accurately in a timely manner.

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