Chinese researchers develop new 'super strong' and 'super light' material to be used in Bulletproof Vests

Chinese researchers have developed a new graphene-based ‘super material’ that will protect the lives of soldier on the battlefield. The newly developed super strong material can be used to design bulletproof vests and military tanks.

According to scientists, the ‘super material’ is as strong as metal while being super light like balloon. Thus, it will protect soldiers in the battlefield while giving enough agility being lightweight.

To design the material, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, took tiny tubes of graphene and molded it into a cellular structure that turned it into a foam-like material while giving it the stability of a diamond.

In the testing, researchers found that the super light and super strong material was able to uphold 40,000 times its own weight. Apart from it had the spectacular ability to regain its shape even after it was compressed to 5 percent of its original shape. The graphene material did not get altered and remained intact even after the process of contraction and retraction was repeated over 1000 times.

According to its developer, the super material can withstand a force of more than 6577 kg per sq. inch. It is the similar pressure found at 10.9 km below the ocean, the deepest depth called Challenger Deep, in the Mariana Trench.

The weight test and contraction-retraction tests suggest that the material is super strong while being super light and is suitable to be used in bulletproof vests and coverings of tanks to protect them by absorbing the shocks. Scientists believe that the material can be decisive in war by saving lives of many soldiers.

The material featured in the journal Advanced Materials.

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