Four New Elements added in Periodic Table

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) announced to add four new elements to the Periodic Table. The new elements are verified as 113, 115, 117 and 118; they will be provided proper names and symbols to give them a permanent place on the seventh row making it complete.

The last addition in the Periodic Table was done in 2011 of two elements 114 and 116. New elements can be named by the public as the scientists in the coming time will invite suggestion regarding the names and symbols from the public. The main reason for the temporary names of the elements is that the scientists encountered struggles in the process of creation of the elements.

A common fact in the elements is their non-existence in nature one has to synthesize them in the lab and due to the small decaying period their presence is tough to confirm. The team led by Kouske Morita searched for a period of seven years or more in order to get the evidence to prove their existence.

There are many speculations that there are plans to go beyond the seventh and inducing more elements in the eighth row of the Periodic Table. New elements are processed by slamming lighter nuclei into each other, the Russians and Americans working together, both being credited for the discovery of the new four elements. The element 113 will be the first in the table to be named in Asia.

Working on the elements was started in 2004, where the studies showcased discovery and existence of the elements. The elements are currently identified in the Periodic Table with the name ununseptium, ununoctium and ununpentium. The scientists have no breakthrough in making these elements in large quantity as they disappear in matter of second after being synthesised.

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