fishes better athlete than men

Neither Usain Bolt nor Mohammad Ali, fishes are the greatest athlete living on the earth, claims new study. Fishes have better oxygen delivery mechanism that gives them edge other species. An athlete should deliver oxygen throughout the body effectively and fishes are best at it, say scientists.

Lead researcher Jodie Rummer from the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University said that mechanism used by fish in delivering oxygen is nearly 50 percent more effective when compared to humans. While explaining Rummer said that hemoglobin and proteins transfers oxygen to tissue through blood and s fishes hemoglobin and proteins are more sensitive towards change in pH level when compared to humans as well as other animals.

The highly effective mechanism helps fishes in escaping from predators at crunch situations. It is to be noticed that there is scarcity of oxygen in the water and fishes can double or triple the oxygen delivery to save themselves from predators.

Researchers did not come to conclusion overnight. They have spent more than 10 years observing oxygen delivery to tissues in fish. For the study, researchers measured muscle oxygen levels in fishes then they compared it with humans. On comparing the results in different scenarios, it was very clear that fishes have developed a better mechanism of oxygen making them better athletes than others.

“This information tells us how fish have adapted this very important process of getting oxygen and delivering it to where it needs to be so that they can live in all kinds of conditions, warm or cold water, and water with high or low oxygen levels,” Rummer said.

Rummer further added that such an effective mechanism is a result of evolution over 400 millions years.

The study appeared in the Journal PLOS ONE.

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  • Rishi

    “Fishes are better athlete than men”…..this is not even apples and oranges..somehitng far worse…..its like apples and building….they are not even the same species…..