Recently in South Texas, scientist discovered 90 million old fossils. These fossils look like Dolphin like reptile speices. They are assuming that these reptiles swam in the waters. The bones were spotted on a rock during a hiking event by the researchers, near a river bed in South Texas, USA.

The rock was covered with mud. Underneath the rock, the skeleton bones were found trapped inside an Eagle Ford limestone. The complete structure of the Dolphin was huge. The experts were quite surprised to find such complete skeleton, since, fossils are never found in complete structures.

The scientists are presuming that this Dolphin like fossils belongs to a dinosaur species named, Ichthyosaurs, which were a mix of mammal and reptile species. They had a fast movement like dolphins and jaws like dinosaurs. These 6 feet long speices started disappearing when the Eagle Ford was formed, around 80 million years ago. Hence these fossils are most likely to belong to the species, which got extinct in the same place after the Eagle food was formed. However, the cause of extinction remains unknown. The scientists are trying to figure out the cause of the extinction with the help of this complete skeleton fossil.

Different research, in different parts of the world, were carried out to find the real reason behind the extinction of dinosaur. Some experts said, Dinosaurs were reptile species, hence they got extinct due to their longer incubation period, while other experts said, it happened due to some natural explosion. However, the reasons stay uncovered. The scientists are still trying to find out the cause of extermination. With the discovery of this new fossil, the research can get easier. But, it’s not yet confirmed, if the skeletons belong to a dinosaur spices or is a million-year-old Dolphin itself. Evidence are in favour of Dinosaur fossils, still a lot of research is required to confirm anything.

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