Recent studies about Dinosaurs have unveiled the reason behind the extinction of reptiles from the world. Scientists have found out that, dinosaur eggs takes 3 months to 6 months to hatch. Hence gradually with time, dinosaurs become extinct. Similarly, reptile eggs also take a long time to hatch, unlike avian. Hence, gradually with time, reptiles are also on a verge to extinct.

Earlier, it was assumed that Dinosaur eggs took equal time like birds to hatch, which is 11 days o 85 days. With such confusions, the reason which leads to the extinction of Dinosaurs were never clear. However with the advancement in technology scientists have finally found out that the main reason behind the extinction of Dinosaurs was the nature with which the eggs are hatched. This phenomenon also explains the gradual extinction of lizards and other reptiles from the world.


This study dates back to 1990s, when a paleontologist from Florida, USA explored a certain kind of dinosaur teeth to find out the lifespan of that species. The dinosaur spices that was examined was tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. Protoceratops and hadrosaurs were also examined to find out the reason extinction of Dinosaurs. However, after successful analysis of the pattern of growth lines that were present in the teeth of these species helped the researchers to find out the actual life span of the dinosaurs. It was found that the protoceratops embryos were 3 months old and that of hadrosaurs were 6 months old.

Other biotic species like mammals, reptiles, and Avian have lesser incubation period than that of Dinosaurs. Hence, this phenomenon helped the other biotic species to survive in the ecosystem, unlike Dinosaurs which had a longer incubation period. Though some dinosaurs were able to fly and could have been considered as avian, still they had a longer incubation period and could not match the race with the increasing population of other species, which explains the mass extinction event of Dinosaurs, 65 million years ago.

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