Climate change affecting world's rich heritage

Addressing the unpredictable climatic changes, a group of researchers have warned that there is a need for strong local management to preserve world’s rich heritage. Apart from climatic changes, man-made activities including over-fishing, pollution, use if excess fertilizers, converting forests into concrete forests, etc. have affected places of global environmental importance like Amazon’s rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

The study authors said that without local intervention these places can’t be protected that will create ecological imbalance. “Poor local management makes an ecosystem less tolerant to climate change and erodes its capacity to keep functioning effectively,” said study lead author Professor Marten Scheffer, from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Researchers found that some places like Amazon rainforest plays important role climatic changes and are of global importance. Thus they demand extra care and protection, unlike other heritages.  Due to excess carbon dioxide emission, The Great Barrier Reef is seeing ocean acidification and coral bleaching. Furthermore, overfishing and nutrient runoff have worsen the situation.

The world is already suffering from unprecedented climatic changes and global warming, and these deteriorating heritages have increased the woes. According the researchers, if nothing is done to save the heritage of global importance then it might affect the tourism worth of $6 million.

Co-author, Professor Scott Barrett from Columbia University, said that these iconic environmental places value to the whole world, apart from the countries they are in. However, all the countries along with local people should come up with a solution to protect this rich heritage. Government can step in to educate local people, and can make an effort for reducing pollution while locals can take care of the heritage. Moreover, instead of deforestation, every country should focus on reinstalling forests that will also help against global warming.

“Local management options are well understood and not too expensive. So there is really no excuse for countries to let this slip away, especially when it comes to ecosystems that are of vital importance for maintaining global biodiversity,” said Scheffer.

The study appeared in the journal Science.

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  • mememine

    No matter how much you hate conservatives, 34 MORE years of climate action failure is 100% certain and 76% of CO2 scientists being 99% certain proves it, however they are 100% sure the planet isn’t flat.

    Exaggerating a crisis to children just to blame conservatives was not “progressive”.