Chinese researcher develop first brain-powered car

For the first time in the history of mankind, Chinese researchers have developed a car that can be driven solely through brain power. After a two-year long research, scientists in the north-east port city in Tianjin, have found success in designing a car that can be driven using only brain power. Although it might sound like a scene of a sci-fi movie, but with the help of innovative minds and dedication to achieve the goal, researchers have made it a reality.

The brain-controlled car can move in forward and backward direction only as of now, apart from halting, locking and unlocking with the help of brain power. To control the car, driver needs to wear a brain reading helmet that consists of 16 EEG (electroencephalogram) sensors and with the help of a attached computer car moves. In addition, to capture the signal and then giving instructions to the car, researchers from the Nankai University developed a new software from the ground zero. It is the software that understands the intentions of the driver whether he/she wants to move in the forward or backward direction.

“The tester’s EEG signals are picked up by this (brain signal-reading) equipment and transmitted wirelessly to the computer. The computer processes the signals to categorize and recognize people’s intention, then translates them into control command to the car. The core of the whole flow is to process the EEG signals, which is done on the computer,” said Zhang.

Scientists are very excited on the brain-powered cars and said that the technology will help in making human lives more comfortable. In addition, the breakthrough car can be used with other projects related to the development of driverless cars. While some scientists, raised a specter of doubt saying that the car can only move in forward and reverse direction only and cannot steer right-left. Moreover, 90 percent accidents occur due to human errors and giving more control to humans will only increase the death rate, argued scientists.

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    Fergit brain poweres…. Salman developed the world’s first driverless car, no body, no brain, no how!

    These guys are late by 13 long years!