Over 2000 Eastern Grey Kangaroo to be killed in Australia to protect environment

The Australian government has announced that it will kill over 2000 Kangaroos in the country in order to prevent the adverse impact on the local environment. An official made the announcement on an official meet where necessary steps are taken to control the population of kangaroos across Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Population of Kangaroos has increased severely in last few years and culling will be done to curb the population of Austalia’s national animal. 1991 kangaroos will be killed by closing the gates of 10 reserves across the ACT each evening.

“Over-abundant numbers of eastern grey kangaroos can have a devastating impact on the local environment,” an ACT official said. “It can lead to de-vegetation and the complete degradation of certain areas if we let it go too long. This is not about eradication, this is about sustainable numbers of eastern grey kangaroos,” he added.

Researchers are also developing alternative methods like fertility drugs to control the population of eastern grey kangaroos. Scientists have started the trials of fertility drugs and are waiting for the results. It can make culling of kangaroos a lot easier.

As per the reports, the cull will commence by August 1. It is to be noticed that over 4000 kangaroos have been killed in past two years. While animal activists are opposing the ACT’s annual cull program and are trying to protect the novel species that symbolizes the country. However, officials said that the step is being taken for the benefit of humans and environment.

Kangaroo population control started back in 1998 and since then many options have been tried by the officials including contraceptive implants, herding, and relocation but none had been effective.

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  • KangarooScienceMatters

    There is no robust science supporting the shooting of these kangaroos, however there are plans to develop into suburbs the habitat of those remaining kangaroos. See the links to the scientific evidence accepted by a 2013 hearing into this matter: http://www.kangaroosatrisk.net/act-kangaroos.html