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Microsoft, the king of technology, the gargantuan software firm of America, has launched a new multi-compatible tool which can be integrated with any platform, any app, and of course by any software developer. While publishing the new tool, Microsoft in its statement said, the tools can be used by any programmer on any platform including Android, iOS, and Windows. Taking to the statement to further, the company said, the developers will now be capable of using the new tools on the basis of their preference to develop apps on the platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

The cross-platform tool was launched along with a series of other releases by Microsoft on Thursday, in its official grand event “Connect Conference.” On the second day of its yearly programmer’s symposium ‘Build 2016’ going on in San Fransisco, Microsoft launches the new complementary development tools including new developer tools, cloud services, and productivity extensions, which are intended to help programmers extent their apps and services more efficiently to every platform like iOS, Android, and Windows and attain the largest achievable number of clients. This new tool will enable the developers to build native cross-platform apps and services more easily and quickly.

Along with the announcement of this tool, Microsoft also launched its handclasp with Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member, in order to welcome Google to the self-regulating.NET Foundation, and also operating with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

The spokesperson for Microsoft, while announcing this big news addressed to the media with his statement which reads, “Through the increased collaboration and innovation among a miscellaneous ecosystem, we at Microsoft are looking forward to benefiting the customer. Our membership in the Linux Foundation will promote customers through increased collaboration and among a various biological community. The move is ultimately intended to reinforce Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for developing intelligent, cross-platform apps and services. These declarations are in accordance with Microsoft’s dedication to empowering software developers and programmers to accomplish progressively and deliver phenomenal levels of development in coming future.”

On this matter, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise Group of Microsoft, Scott Guthrie said “Microsoft is the only cloud service provider who is delivering the services compatible with the miscellaneous needs of every developers and organisation. This new tool will enable the organisations and programmers enjoying an easier and quicker could-based solution from core communications to platform services along with the tools as software-as-a-service supportive for any language, across any platform.”

With the launch of the new cross-platform tool, Microsoft is expected to bring new revolutions among the developer community. While a few years back, Microsoft was only focusing on the enhancement of its own platform Windows, currently, the company is moving towards a more extensive edge of innovation by enabling its services and tools for other platforms too. Along with the new tools, developers will be empowered to develop and program intelligent apps that can renovate the setting of work, to a more convenient and comfortable platform.

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