The AAP government, on its budget proposal of about Rs 37,750 crore sought populace participation for its formulation. AAP has sought vote on account in Delhi Assembly for the first three months of the fiscal.

Manish Sisodia, who holds the finance portfolio in the government, said that the government wants public participation in this

“The main reason for our seeking a vote-on-account and not presenting the regular budget is, as you know, our government has been elected last month with an unprecedented historic mandate,” he told the assembly.

Sisodiya said that the party believes in transforming the stagnant ways in governance and wants to incorporate the public suggestions for the budget preparation because it cannot be drafted in the secrecy of a closed room.

The full budget is likely to be presented in the first week of June.

A total of Rs.21,500 crore has been earmarked for non-plan expenditure and Rs.15,350 crore for plan expenditure. A separate Rs.900 crore has been kept for centrally-sponsored schemes.

Though Sisodiya was very positive about the vote in account step and the initiatives being taken by the Delhi government but expressed serious concerns over centre’s stagnant assistance to Delhi which is stuck at Rs 325 crore since 2001 wherein it has been doubled for Haryana in February 2015.


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