PM Modi’s visit to China: A strategic deployment for strength

PM Modi reached China on 14th May, 2015 for a 3 day visit to the nation to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meet took place in Xi’an, President Xi’s hometown and had an informal meet there. But now, they are discussing the more pressing matters in a restricted formal format in Beijing.

The matters that were affecting the nation’s relations were discussed and a few compromises have been reached. There have been an action plan dedicated to the India-China Railways. Also there will be an exchange program establishment among Indian and Chinese students along with the agreement on Vocational education.

“I stressed the need for China to reconsider its approach to some issues that hold us back from realizing the full potential of ties and I found the Chinese leadership responsive,” PM Modi said in retrospect to China’s plans for infrastructure projects in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. He also raised objections over China issuing stapled visas for residents of Arunachal Pradesh instead of stamping on the passports.

The cooperation in trade exchange was also an integral part of the discussion where Modi ensured his stake in the nation’s progress and said that it will only lead to strengthening of relationships between China and India.

“I am pleased to visit China in the first year of my government. This is one of our most important strategic partnerships…The re-emergence of India and China and their relationship will have a profound impact on the two countries and the course of this century,” PM Modi said on being asked about China Visit.

This visit to China has been seen by many as a strategic plan of Modi to acquire trust and support of China. But, rest assured, we all are aware of China having dual face personalities and helping Pakistan over India. Not to forget that Modi’s visit to China was despised and seen as a conspiracy theory by Chinese media and experts. So, we’d expect India to test the waters before going in for the voyage.

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