Modi emphising on cheap renewable energy

To fulfill the energy deficit in the country, PM Narendra Modi is willing to go green and emphasized on production of renewable energy like solar and wind power that too at affordable prices. He said that India is working with 50 countries to provide cheap electricity to the poor and in the remote areas. He acknowledged that still there are several regions of the country where power is more than 12 hours a day, and a lot is to be done to bridge the needs.

US President Barack Obama, on his visit to India, said that we can’t fight against the adverse climatic changes taking place until developing countries like India focus more on renewable sources of energy. More than 60 percent of the electricity is generated from coal in India. Modi said that India has a lot of potentials to produce renewable energy, although they have been producing renewable energy in megawatts, but it needs to be provided in gigawatts to satisfy country’s needs.

“The fruits of development will not reach the common man until energy reaches the last household of the country,”  Modi said. “In this age of globalization, we have no option but to make a quantum leap in energy production and connectivity.”

He was proud to say that cost of electricity from solar photovoltaic cells has come down from Rs 20 per unit to Rs 7.50 per unit through research and innovation. However, more research is required to make it accessible to poor.

PM is planning to set up hybrid parks in the country for the generation of solar energy. In accordance with his mission, US may invest up to US $200 billion. Solar firms SunEdison and First Solar have also announced to build more than 20,000 megawatts of solar energy in India by 2022.

PM firmly believes that for India’s development each and every citizen including poor should get 24-hour electricity supply, and renewable energy will not only bridge the energy deficit, but it will reduce the input costs for farmers.

His vision is also in accordance with the energy crises that will hit the doors in near future as according to a research coal will be vanished in next 40 years if used at the current rate. Coal being a non-renewable source of energy can’t be produced again for next million years. Thus, we need an alternative and renewable energy like solar power, wind energy; hydro energy and biofuel seems to be the best bet.

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