Prime Minister Narendra Modi-tecake

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his party’s campaign in Delhi on Saturday, primarily attacking Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal. Modi made bundle of promises to the public of Delhi, comprising a house for all and electricity portability. He mainly questioned voters to give punishment to AAP in the upcoming assembly elections.

The campaign was started at Ramlila Maidan led by Modi. He was looking forward for the people’s support for a strong, stable government. BJP had worked for elaborate arrangements on his rally that was attended by some union ministers and the party’s chief ministers of Jharkhand, Maharastra and Haryana where party get succeeded in the last six months.

Modi gave his attractive speech for about 35 minutes in which he attacked his close contender Congress but focused mainly on the AAP. He blamed the AAP party for spreading lies in the whole country. Moreover, he targeted Kejriwal for his “anarchist” remark and said indirectly that if anarchy has to practice, he should join Naxalites (Maoists) in jungles. This anarchism cannot able to dominate in Delhi. The Capital should have a sense of pride.

Voters should inflict punishment upon him for wasting one year; he said in his speech. Modi made a pack of promises but did not make big announcements for Delhi as he promised earlier to grant statehood to the Capital. He demonstrated his ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ in which poor people can open their bank accounts in zero-balance. The government had already opened accounts for 11 crore families in India, having more than 19 lakh families in Delhi.

He promised to give 24-hour supply of electricity in whole Delhi, houses to all slum-peoples and water supply to Delhi as Haryana, which also ruled by BJP promised to give more water from their supplies. He also attacked Congress and said that nationalization of banks, which was Indira Gandhi’s leftward turn in 1969, contributed only towards corruption rather than helping poor families. Modi said in his speech that his party only brought a new politics which is vikas-waad (development-ism).

Amit Shah, whom Modi remarked as the most successful BJP chief, defended the government on the black money matter, “In two months, we gave black money account details to the SIT. It’s a complex issue India alone can’t solve. International laws come in the way.”


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