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PM Narendra Modi has promised that he will ensure that no religion is above or below another and that there is a religious equality among all. He gave his word during a function held by the Syro-Malabar Church where he said that he would make it a point that his government establishes a complete freedom in faith among the countrymen.

PM Modi has been accused by the opposition parties and Christian groups for not taking any actions against the recent attacks on five church buildings and a Christian school in Delhi.

When asked about the same he said that he condemns such violence and will do anything and everything in his power to ensure that the people or organizations behind such destruction be punished in the most severe manner. He will not take this situation lightly and will act vigorously against this.

He says that he believes in the fundamental right of any human being to follow any religion they believe in and not be forced by any other individual to follow another religion. A right to choose your religion is not an apocalyptic thing to happen but is driven by the belief of a person.

He also said that it worries him that the world is being divided by invisible barriers of religion. In this situation, it is a must that every person must act with restraint and mutual respect for another person’s religion.

PM Modi has been right in this statement, for what would a person feel like if what he loves or believes in is snatched away from them and instead an enforced penalty has been made that they need to bear for the rest of their lives, irrespective of their choice being taken into consideration. It must feel like a bird trapped in a cage. Modi is fighting against it, and we sure should show our support by being open minded.


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