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Modi has warned the Sangh Parivar from making any discriminatory comments against the minorities.  He said that in the democratic arena of the nation, these hate speeches will not be tolerated.

Though, BJP government has time and again been accused of Hindutva agenda, and even the PM had raised criticism for being mum on the issue of church demolishment and attacks on minorities, but Modi finally spoke against such measures.

He said that the religious freedom granted to each citizen of our nation is a right that is not negotiable, and he took a stern stand against any attempt to violate this freedom.

Modi accused the opposition for their negligent attitude towards the progress and belittling of government’s achievements.

Amidst the criticisms being raised about the foul promise of ache din, Modi said that the Achhe Din have come but some people are trying to belittle them.

While addressing the much debated Land Bill issue, Modi believes that the opposition to the bill does not hold any ground because it is merely politically motivated. I agreed to be open to any suggestions and recommendations for the law.

Though Modi had tweeted his concern when a nun was raped in Bengal and church was attacked in Haryana but the Congress tagged these as an attempt to conceal the dirty face of the ruling party.

Congress spokesperson Rajiv Gowda told the media that PM’s comments are a routine business with no impact because even if Modi condemned Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s remarks, many such remarks were again made in the next week itself.

Gowda criticized the government for diverting the attention from the ground reality of unleashed violence and discrimination through these four statements.

Gowda added that the fact that the government has turned blind to the communal tensions erupted in the country is aggravating the worsened situation.

The Congress spokesperson also said that Modi needs some teaching lessons in the economy because it is his government that has slashed he social sector investment, and the government is in turn opposing UPA  by naming it anti-poor.

Dismissing the claims of ache din in the country, Gowda said that there was no issue left to discuss if it had already happened.

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