MAHARASHTRA:- Mumbai Pune Expressway got hit by a landslide close to Adoshi tunnel, near Lonavala, Pune. 3 people got killed and five injured are now admitted in the nearby City Hospital. Government announced Rs 4 lakh for the families of each who died. The incident has also affected the rail traffic as a boulder got stuck in the engine of Pune-Mumbai intercity in the evening and the train got stuck on the rail tracks itself. This hampred the decision of central Railway to improve traffic between Mumbai and Pune by running special trains between the two cities. However, a special train has been started at 08:00 hours from both sides.

A senior official from CR said, “The area is a sensitive section and we generally deploy men to keep a watch for such landslides which might obstruct the path. Pieces of mountain rock fell on the track that was noticed by these men and they got the train halted in time.”

The Mumbai-Pune expressway is a 100 Km long, 6 lane highway and is the only highway between the cities. However, one of the lane has been cleared and is open for Pune-Mumbai route while two are open in Mumbai-Pune route. Rescue operation is underway to help the injured and clear the debris.

The pictures of the incidents also shows some vehicular damage as well.

A volunteer who came to help the victim also got killed in a hit and run case. Ganpat Kudpane, a 32-year-old, came to the accident site to help the victims, himself became the victim of reckless driving. Ganpat was hit by a speeding car and the driver sped away to Panvel, leaving Ganpat dead on the spot. The case has been registered in the Khopoli police station and the search of driver has been started.

The expressway is a very accident prone site and many accidents occurred here in the past. Previously an accident took place on 28 January 2015 when two car rammed on the expressway, killing five and four got seriously injured. A 3 hours long traffic jam was also observed on the expressway on 22 June 2015 due to heavy rain and landslide.

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