The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and the PDP (People’s Democratic Party) are trying on making a firm J&K government together but Article 370 and AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) are a place of indifference between the two that is causing the delay in the joint formation.

BJP is adamant on getting the AFSPA passed but had being strongly opposed by PDP, although there have been rumors stating that PDP is softening towards the issue and may even let the motion pass. If the PDP lets the motion pass it will be beneficial for the Indian army and make them euphoric.

Kashmir faces terrorist attack attempts every single second of the day, which is protected by the army but many times they fail due to certain discrepancies in the law.

“If we do not have the power to carry out searches and also conduct arrests, then terrorists will have the upper hand. For a long period terrorists hiding in the houses attacked with a surprise element. This had given them the edge.” An army official said. AFSPA ensures that army can search, arrest and raid without any warrant and anytime they want. This would have helped army catch the terrorists faster and they will be aware of any surprise sneak attacks.

This motion has been highly opposed by PDP under the accusation that there had been incidents and reports of harassment by the army which is why the motion cannot be passed. They are now considering that a safeguard be ensured in order to keep a check on army for giving the army such blind powers may not be the right way to go. But we’ll have to wait for the outcomes of both the parties’ thinking about and how they intend to work the differences out for the benefit of J&K.


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