It seems after losing strings of elections, woes for Congress haven’t stopped yet. Former environment minister Jayanthi Natrajan quit Congress on Friday, with that she broke nearly 30-year old membership from once the nation’s largest party. In a press conference held in Chennai, where she announced her isolation with the party, she also alleged party vice-president Rahul Gandhi for giving her commands to block the investments from major companies including Vedanta, Lavasa, Nirma cement plant, etc. while he blamed her for the delays in the open and used her as a scapegoat.

“I received several requests and memorandums from the Congress vice-president. I was asked by his office to protect and preserve the environment. I was asked by the Congress vice-president’s office to ensure the environment was protected, and these large projects don’t cause havoc to environment,” she told a news conference in Chennai.

Natarajan said she felt neglected by the party as her several attempts to meet party chief and Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi went in vain. Over last 11 months, she felt intolerable guilt, mental agony and was continuously attacked by the party seniors in the media which made her feel humiliated. After opening the firework , the former UPA minister said that due to Rahul Gandhi she forced was attacked by the opposition party (referring to when Narendra Modi accused her  of charging “Jayanthi Tax” for giving clearance to environmental projects back in 2013).

On nation’s slow growth rate during UPA government, she said delay orders from the party major led to slow economy growth rate. She called it as the sadistic growth in the history of Indian economy.

Present environment minister Prakash Javedkar said that he will look into the matter and will review the allegations made by Natarajan of extraneous influence.  “The revelations made by Jayanthi Natarajan in her letter to Sonia Gandhi, which have become public today, are a matter of great concern and is a serious issue,” he said. “I will definitely review those files and see the facts for myself.”

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