India successfully tested Agni V

India on Saturday successfully tested Agni V, a nuclear-capable ballistic missile that could be launched from a mobile station. With the tag of being the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missile it has a wide range of 5000 kilometres.

Missile was launched from an island in Bay of Bengal. However, this was the third test conducted. Earlier, first test was done using a mobile launcher when the missile was launched on back of a military test and in other test, concrete launch pads were used.

With the ability of mobility and such a long range, Agni V, possess a serious threat to the neighbouring countries including Pakistan and China, as the nuclear-capable ballistic missile covers most of the part of assertive China and old rival Pakistan.

A missile with mobile launch ability takes much less preparation time than open launch. Thus, now India has the ability to reply any attack within few minutes, if it happens in future.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed the Agni V.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated researchers of DRDO for their remarkable efforts. “Successful test-firing of Agni V from a canister makes the missile a prized asset for our forces. I salute our scientists for their efforts,” Mr. Modi said.

Since Modi came into power, he has been promoting science and technology in India that has resulted in series of historic events including Mangalyaan that was rated as one of the top hundred things happened in 2014 by Forbes.

President Pranab Mukherjee also congratulated the DRDO team and said “I extend hearty congratulations to all those associated with the successful test-firing of the third developmental trial of India’s indigenous Agni-V surface-to-surface missile.”

“I am happy to know that many new technologies relating to navigation and guidance, warhead as well as engine has been tried out in this version. I understand today’s test is also the first time the missile has been tried out in a canisterised version,” he said.

Currently, India is the largest importer of arms in the world. With the series of additions in the county’s firepower, India has stepped towards becoming the world’s largest army.

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