China and India have always known to be on a silent war where there is only a wait for a fraction of a mistake before the war wail begins. Even though the mountains that crown our nation have shared the glory with China, till some time ago the roads had been deemed dangerous by many. The Indian pilgrims were devoid of their visit to Lord Shiva’s lair.

But now with PM Narendra Modi visiting China in May there might be some scope for them to travel safely and complete their Kailash-Mansarovar trip and feel the presence of Lord Neelkanth. Ms. Sushma Swaraj who is currently in Beijing for the Russia-India-China trilateral meeting said that she is trying her best to resolve the boundary issues for the benefit of both the nations.

Swaraj said that meeting held for close developmental partnership during last September on the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to India is a proof that both the nations want to unite to enter into the era of “Asian century”.

Ms Swaraj’s visit to China has been seen as an important one since China’s outrage towards the India-US bonding saying that they might not let off India easy to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

Currently, Sushma Swaraj’s reason to visit China is to lighten the room for further communications and treaties between the two nations and make a safe path for the Prime Minister to walk in and save the day.

PM Narendra Modi is all set to make a visit to China in the coming May this fall and it is anticipated that it will pave way to a lot more opportunities than before for the nation. Rest assured, in Modi’s rule, opportunities keep popping up and we hope that this forthcoming treaty also results in everyone’s favor.

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