Kerala is all set to host a global conference on gender equality from November 12-14, which will witness the presence of scholars, policy makers, field experts and other from around the world.

Amidst the recent uproars and debates over gender issues, this conference is for sure, a definitive step to bring in the ideas, thoughts and opinions from different arenas in expectation of its manifestation in exercise.

The core theme of the conference, being organized by the Gender Park under the state Department of Social Justice with the support of UN women will be ‘Gender, Governance and Inclusion’. Gender Park has already made a crucial social mark with its ‘ SHE Taxi’ initiative and this conference is also being perceived as the nation’s first large-scale exercise  to create a space for sharing views and global experiences to reduce gender inequalities.

Issues on board will be of varied vibgyor including citizenship, globalization, work, governance, health, education, masculinity, role of media and others.

“For our state, this exercise takes on added significance because we hope to be able to draw attention to the successes and weaknesses of the Kerala Model of development”, said MK Muneer, state minister for Social Justice.

He said the program would provide in-depth vision and understanding of the best practices worldwide for achieving gender equality.

The project is also expected to build on the success of already introduced initiatives like SHE taxi which is being adopted by other states as well.

Gender Park CEO Dr. PTM Sunish has termed he SHE Taxi initiative as a dominant model for women entrepreneurship and ensuring their social and financial security.

“What we have realized with She Taxi is that there are very practical, viable solutions for addressing gender issues out there, waiting to be explored. The conference, we expect, will generate a pool of ideas that can be built on and implemented successfully,” added Sunish.

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