Finally after a long wait, Haryana Police arrested self-styled godman Rampal on Wednesday evening from his fortified Satlok Ashram, spread in an area of 12 acres, near Barwala in Haryana. The arrest has taken place after Haryana government requested support from central government to arrest elusive Rampal.  Since last few days police has been preparing the arrest and had made several unsuccessful attempts as Rampal used nearly 20000 hapless women and innocent children as ahuman shield to protect himself.  Four women died, and two women saw hospital while protesting.

“We have arrested him. He is in our custody. He is being taken to hospital for medical examination,” a senior police officer said. This time Rampal’s supporter did not offered much resistance while his arrest at nearly 9 pm, the police officer added. The self-styled godman will face the Hisar Court on Thursday, said Panipat Satish Balan, superintendent of police.

Nearly 270 of Rampaul’s supporters, including 20 key functionaries of his ashram, besides 250 members of his ‘private army’ have been detained after the fresh charges, including of rioting, DGP trpoops taking a supporter

Moreover, around 500 supporters includingwomen, children and old age people are still in ashram. Police said that they have started the evacuation procedure and is giving enough time to the baba’s followers to leave the ashram

The controversial baba came into limelight when one his follower was charged murder. Since then, 63-year-old has been summoned by the court 43 times against several charges, but the godman escaped the hearing every time. The cases have been filed under section 121(waging or attempting to start a war against the govt. of India). Section 121a( conspiring to commit certain offenses against the state and section 122 collecting arms with the intention of war against the govt. of India).

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