Anna Hazare to start jail bharo andolan

Anna Hazare, a social activist continued his protest for the second day against the land ordinance and said that he would not repeat the mistake that he did last time by giving stage to any political party.

He also said that all parties are most welcome to join him in his protest. However he will not share his stage with any of those, nor will he allow them to give any speech or such. Anna further made it clear that he will not let this protest to take any political colours by saying, “If the political parties come on the stage, then it would appear that it is being done by the party.” Meanwhile, resources said that Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal will join Hajare this afternoon. When asked about Arvind sharing the stage, Hazare did not give a clear reply.

Anna’s relation with Kejriwal is still a controversial one as Anna didn’t support Kejriwal’s decision of making a political party of his own as he wanted him to act as a non-political member while Arvind thought that this wouldn’t work until they had power in their hand.

Anna also accused NDA government of not paying proper attention to farmer’s interest.

Hazare said that a jail bharo moment will also be started that will go on for 3-4 months in which a padyatra will be carried out all across the country starting from the Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. This moment will not stop util government does not change their controversial ordinance that is only helping the corporates and not the common people. He further said, “The political parties are from the country only. And, people running the government are also from the country. The people who suffer injustice are also from this country.  So, if farmers are meted out injustice and if everyone comes together to fight injustice, then what is the problem.”

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