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Dam activists in Arunanchal have accused Centre for discriminatory attitude towards north Eastern states. Citing the fact that government is making numerous attempts to protect river Ganga and launching campaigns like save and clean Ganga while planning a disaster on Siang.

Centre has planned to build two massive dams on Siang River and Union water Resources minister Uma Bharti had said that the solution on Brahmaputra perennial flow lays in middle Siang but Assam CM Tarun Gogoi said that he has not been informed about the same.

Now Siang People’s Forum has expressed resentment against centre’s plans. The forum said that the people attach sanctity to Siang and consider it pious in the same way as Ganga. The forum has questioned the minister on the grounds on which they have taken the decision to build dam on Siang without any conversation with stakeholders.

Though none of the plans have kicked off yet but the people of Assam and Arunanchal Pradesh have opposed the plan to build 40 dams on Siang River which originates in Tibetan plateau.

In spite of Narendra Modi’s assurance to people that only small hydel projects will be favored to acknowledge people’s sentiments, people are now confused with recent developments

Gao has expressed dissatisfaction with the BJP government for taking a U turn after coming to power. The forum has questioned Centre about its motives. It has asked if the government is trying to elevate people by solving the state’s economic crisis or is it sidelining citizen’s concerns to cash on power developments.

Gao has made it clear in his statement that the Siang River will not be sacrificed to some corrupt politicians. Siang which flows for 294 km in states is a lifeline of about 2.5 million people. The forum is not ready to accept the ambitious plan of 40 dams to be built on Siang at any cost.


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