Ammonia Tanker TeCake

Ammonia gas tanker leaked on Saturday morning near Ludhiana It has led to the death of five and around 100 people have been hospitalized for the same.

The tanker was stuck under a flyover on Doraha pass. It was at this time that the leak occurred. The Doraha bypass is about 25 Kms from Ludhiana.

Five people died when they inhaled the leaked gas, told Doraha Police station SHO Rajnish Kumar Sood. Sood said that the bodies have been shifted to a hospital in Ludhiana. He added that about 100 people have claimed to have breathing issues after the leak.

The impacted people who have breathing problems are admitted to different hospitals in Doraha, Khanna and Ludhiana, said SHO.

Apart from these people, even the residents of the area were impacted so much that they were forced to vacate their homes when the leaked gas from the tanker spread in the entire area.

The tanker from which the gas leak happened had Gujarat’s registration number and when the leak happened the police officers rushed to take stock of the situation.

Police is still probing in the situation and more details are awaited. Identities of many victims are also yet unidentified, according to the police.

Ammonia is highly irritating corrosive and causes immediate burning of nose, throat and respiratory tract.  Though its odor provides early detection of its presence but it causes olfactory fatigue also.

Exposure to ammonia produces rapid eye and skin irritation and its higher levels may cause severe burns, injuries and even permanent eye damage. Corrosive damage to mouth, throat and stomach happens due to ingestion of ammonia.

Though there is no antidote for ammonia poisoning but when treated it, most people recover from it. Use of water to decontaminate the eyes and skin is crucial in such cases.

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