Woman find Albany nurse who cared for her in infancy

ALBANY — A woman from New York who experienced brutal burns when she was an infant and also she is lastly getting the option to thank the hospital nurse who cared for her, also thanks to the posting of Social media that exposed the identity of this nurse.

Amanda Scarpinati says that she has always cherished photos of her infant self in a young nurse’s arms, which were available in Albany Medical Center’s 1977 annual report without names. “Growing up as a kid, blemished by the burns, I was bullied and picked on, plagued.”I’d stare at those pictures and conversed to her, even though I didn’t recognize who she was. I took relieve looking at this woman who appeared so honest caring for me.”” said 38, years old Scarpinati, of Athens,

She tried to search the nurse’s name more than 20 years ago without any failure. When she posted the photos on Facebook prior this month at the influence of a friend, she hesitated her plea to assist put a name to the nurse’s face would bear fruit.

According to Scarpinati, by 12 hours, it had created massive response. Albany Medical Center’s , named Angela Leary, former nurse sent Scarpinati an SMS saying the sweet and caring nurse in the photo is Susan Berger, who had moved to the Syracuse area years ago. A local television reporter follows Berger, who is now posted in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Scarpinati spoke to Berger on the phone.

“It was remarkable,” Scarpinati said. “She just has such calm, caring voice, just like I expected she’d have.” When Scarpinati was 3 months old, she was injured. “I memorize her,” Berger said. “She was very calm. Generally when babies come out of surgery they’re resting or crying. She was just so cool and innocent. It was wonderful.”

Berger said she is delighted to be reunited with her patient

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