Walking at slow speed linked with risk of Alzheimer's in old age

In recent years, research to prevent and cure Alzheimer have taken pace and many studies have been conducted to collect several scientific evidence that may spew some light on how to protect ourselves from weakening of memory in our old age.

Alzheimer is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that weakens memory. Initially, it starts slowly but it soon gathers pace and gets worse over time. Symptoms of Alzheimer includes short-term memory loss in initial stages, however as the disease strengthen its grip other problems like problems with language, mood swings, loss of motivation, and behavioural issues occur.

Since, there isn’t any medicine to cure the memory-weakening disease, here are results of some previous studies which can help in preventing the effect of the disease to some extent.

Get proper sleep, this includes sleeping at a proper schedule. Always prefer healthy and hygienic food with some good amount of exercises. Stay socially active this reduces impact on brain and keeps a person engaged. Avoid smoking and take care of mental health.

A previous study found that three cups of milk daily keeps brain healthy in older age as it increases the levels of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant present in the brain.

Consuming a handful of walnuts a day can improve your memory and cognitive functions, says a new study by UCLA. Consuming a handful of walnuts a day can improve your memory and cognitive functions, says a new study by UCLA.

Moreover, if you are from O blood group then you are definitely at advantage, as it was found that due to presence of more grey matter in the brain people with O blood group are resistant towards the Alzheimer when compared with other blood groups.

Neurologist Dr. David Geldmacher warned people to start taking care of themselves as soon as they turn 50 as it might create a big difference at the age of 70. He further added that although the doctors are working collectively to find the exact cause of disease and still there isn’t any available treatment to stop or reverse its progression. As of now, the treatment majorly lies on social interaction and psychological elements.

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