Switching off smartphone an hour before sleep can prevent sleep disorders

Using smartphones and tablets late night can cause sleep disorder, says a new study. The effect was more pronounce in teenagers and to avoid such sleeplessness, dizziness, depression and other sleep related problems teenagers should switch off their gadgets one hour before going to bed, said researchers.

Researchers from the University of Basel were observing the effect of smartphones and other electronic devices on people since 2007. They found a very strong link between using mobile phone late night and sleep disorders. Scientists say that with growing use of messaging services like WhatsApp and fear of losing one’s phone, teenagers tend to keep their smartphone always on and near to them. They specifically pointed out girls as most of them keep their phone under the pillow while sleeping which causes sleep disorders.

To give a sound proof, scientists compared the digital media use between teenagers with smartphones and those with a conventional mobile. In the research, it was found that teenagers with smartphones spent almost double the time on the Internet than the teenagers with conventional phone. Scientists also found that teenagers using smartphones were hyperactive messengers as they sent 85 messages on a daily basis whereas their peers with traditional phones sent only seven messages a day.

Moreover, nearly half the population using traditional phone were found to be switching their phone off before going to bed while only 17 percent of smartphone users turned off their device.

The findings suggest, the better the device and internet connection is, the more it is used. In an another research, it was found that more the smartphone is used, more it affects the health adversely. As phone emits radio waves that are harmful for human body, it causes sleep disorders too. Apart from it, improper sleep is related to tiredness and dizziness next day. Thus, a person can’t deliver 100 percent at work, living with job insecurity. Another adverse effect of smartphone was depression.

Researchers suggest that in a technology ridden world where one can’t imagine a day without the phone, people can switch off their phone at least at night.

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