Recent studies in the field of health science have found out that using tablet devices can cure Dementia in people.

According to these studies conducted so far, using tablet devices to utilize music or art therapies may be a safe and a potentially effectual approach to manage agitation in the patients suffering from dementia. The study was led was an Indian scientist.

According to Mr. Ipsit Vahia from McLean Hospital in the US, “Tablet use as a nonpharmacologic intervention for agitation in older adults, including those with severe dementia, appears to be feasible, safe, and of potential utility.”

Dementia is not termed as a specific disease. Basically, the term is used to denote excessive memory loss in the human brain. This symptom is often seen with a combination of disbalance, agitation and mislead, in other physical activities.

Mr. Ipsit Vahi who lead the study of this research said in his interview, “Our preliminary results are a first step in developing much-needed empirical data for clinicians and caregivers on how to use technology such as tablets as tools to enhance care and also for app developers working to serve the technologic needs of this population.” It’s a good point to say that doctors are successful in utilising the technology for the same purpose.

The research was builds upon previous studies representing that art, music, and other similar therapies can efficiently helps to reduce symptoms of Dementia without harmful medication. Using tablet devices can help to occupy these therapies. The patients and providers will also achieve benefit from the computer’s inherent flexibility.

In another interview with Mr. Vahia, he told, “We know that art therapy can work and music therapy can also work. The tablet, however, gives you the option of switching from one app to another easily, modifying the therapy seamlessly to suit the individual.” The Dementia patients were provided with applications like sudoku puzzles and lots more to test this treatment process.

Researchers even installed a menu of 70 apps onto the tablets for the study. The apps showed varied resullts in their cognitive intricacy.

The researchers have told that tablet use is safe for every patient, despite of the sternness of their Dementia. With proper supervision and training, the engagement rate with the devices can nearly be raised to 100 percent.

This Dementia study has also found that the tablets showed noteworthy efficacy in reducing symptoms of agitation, particularly in patients with small amount of Dementia.

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