Study finds around 5.5 billion people to be overweight globally

The number of overweight people across the world has undoubtedly intensified in the last couple of decades and most of the global health organizations have issued warning reports on this matter. To fuel this concern, a recently conducted study, led by the researchers from the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand has come up with some new shocking statistics about the obsessed people across the globe. As per the reports of the survey, 76% of the total global populace is overweight.

As shown in the study, nearly 76% of the world’s population or around 5.5 million people are becoming overweight, and being fat has become a new deadly disease that is silently conquering the world. While previously, obese is believed to be only a state of condition of the body; the recent study report has proved the notion as wrong and stated it to be a silent but deadly disease that is taking over the entire population of the world. ‘Overfat’ has been signified by a circumstance of having more than excess body fat which in other way impairs overall health.

Commenting on this matter, Philip Maffetone, the lead author of the study and the CEO of MAFF Fitness in Australia said, “Overweight has turned out to be a serious global concern due to its strong connection with increasing chronic disease and mounting healthcare expenses. The gain of excess weight is not only affecting people of all ages but also hampering their incomes and overall health.”

Taking the statement further, the lead author said, “While most of us blame starvation as the major cause of the condition of overweight, the global numbers are falling down rapidly, revealing that, hunger is not solely responsible for overweight. However, among the aged population, an increased rate of chronic disease is found, hinting the adverse impact of excess weight. Similarly, people, going through extreme exercises or persons having anorexia athletic are contributing to the amount of non-hungry under fat people across the globe.”

The study which found 76% overweight people across the globe, in other ways, left the researchers in shock by concluding only 14% people left with normal body fat in the world. The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health over this weekend.

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