Modern women aren’t afraid of showing off whether it comes to stretch marks, pregnancy, body hairs or cellulite present on thighs. Even the most fashion conscious women now openly flaunt her physical weakness.

In April, while having her periods, Kiran Gandhi a Harvard Business School graduate, participated in a race and successfully completed it with blooding running down her leg. Her motto was to tell women to not to be ashamed of their menstrual cycles and raise awareness of feminine products.

Many similar things happen in recent past to bring women’s sensitive parts in limelight that they were afraid of showing.

Post pregnancy selfies

It seems that women do not want to keep post pregnancy stretch marks as secret and gone are those days when women would hide her mount. It became a trend recently, and nearly all the women had photoshoot to track progress their protruding stomach with baby. Also, some shared the stretch mark selfies in social media to speak of women empowerment.

At ease with body hair

Women who always preferred waxed body whether it be arms or upper lips, now women are comfortable with hairs on their body. It has also given birth to a new term — “Hairy Feminist”, the term has gained such popularity that some are making documentaries over it.


The hashtag came it trend on microblogging website when women who generally are ashamed of showing their thighs started taking snapshot their thigh and post on the social media with hashtag #ThighReading. They compared it with Palm Reading.

No makeup selfie

The Cancer Research Institute in UK started no makeup selfie like Ice Bucket Challenge. However, they didn’t think initially that it will gain such popularity. Women shared their selfies without any makeup in social media including some B-town beauties.


A campaign started to create awareness among women in which people posted pictures holding a tampon. In addition, games were also made on it –Tampon Run and Tampon Dodge.


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