Sleeping on stomach may lead to sudden death in epilepsy tecake

Recent studies have indicated that it might be a dangerous to sleep on your stomach and may even lead to sudden death. This scenario is mostly noted in people suffering from epilepsy though.

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder whose symptoms indicate sudden reoccurring episodes of sensory disturbance, losing consciousness, suffering unprovoked seizures and is associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Researchers studied 25 cases that had 253 sudden unexpected death cases, and their body position was recorded at the time of death.

The cases revealed that people dying in the stomach sleep position held a percentage of 73, whereas, 27% died in other sleep positions.

After studying a small group of 88 persons, researchers concluded that people who were on the left side of the age line, 40 were four times more likely to be found asleep in their stomachs at the time of their death than people on the right side of the age line 40.

A sum of about 86% of people below 40 are susceptible to sleeping on their stomachs, as compared to the 60% over the age of 40.

Although the reasons for this have not yet been found it is believed that it might be the feeling of loneliness that leads to sleeping on the stomach side and not having anyone while getting the seizure during sleep.

They came up with a solution to avoid this kind of situation which is sleeping on your back. It is the best way to ensure safety from suffering seizures.

We don’t know how much of this study is true but for what it’s worth we can at least try to change our sleeping habits. For why not cheat death even, it is for a little while and have a happy and healthy life.

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