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In a new finding, researchers have revealed that with the help of simple memory tests they can predict whether a person will suffer from the Alzheimer’s disease even 18 years before the disease can be diagnosed.

Lead researcher Kumar B Rajan, Rush University Medical Centre said that the Alzheimer starts deteriorating the brain decades ago it can be diagnosed. However, with the help the some simple memory tests they can detect Alzheimer. According to researchers, they can track those changes caused by the disease decades before. Rajan further added that currently his team is unable to detect changes caused by the progressive mental deterioration in an individual but they can predict whether the person will develop Alzheimer among a group of individual who eventually developed dementia due to Alzheimer’s.

The study was based on 2,125 people from Chicago with an average age of 73 years. All the participants went through memory tests after every three years. The process of taking tests went on for 18 years.

After analysing the data researcher found that people who constantly scored low in memory tests and thinking tests developed Alzheimers disease later in life. Also, it was noted that one unit low score in cognitive tests was linked with 85 percent higher chances of developing dementia in coming future.

While explaining Rajan said that Alzheimer disease affects body slowly preceded by memory and thinking deterioration. Since, there isn’t any medicine to cure the Alzheimer’s disease thus it is better to detect it as early as possible so that proper precautions can be taken with enough time left.

Moreover, women are at higher risk of developing Alzheimer. According to a study, one in every six women suffer from cognitive impairment disease while the numbers fell to one in 11 when it comes to men. The reason behind this disparity is not clear yet; it might be due to biological cause or it might be the age of women as they live 4-5 years longer than men and Alzheimer is a disease that worsens with age.

The study appeared in the journal Neurology.

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