Researchers at IIT-M develop first ever Pain-free dental filling

A newborn baby has no germs in his mouth. His mouth is fully free of germs but with the passage of time, germs start living in their mouth and make their mouths their permanent residence. These germs then start resting on the teethes in their mouths and start destroying their tooth. They create holes in the tooth and causes tooth decay. This decaying of the tooth is known as cavities, tooth decay or dental caries. After the tooth decay, the bacteria in the hole must be replaced by a hard, tooth like material known as a dental filling.

There are various types of dental filing, some of them are listed below:

Amalgam filling: Amalgam filling is made up of metals such as mercury. No doubt mercury in its pure form is toxic but the mercury used in amalgam filling is locked inside and is safe to use. It is soft and harden after filling.

Composite filling: Composite filing is the latest or modern form of filing. After its filling, doctors through blue light on it and then let it harden. After the harden of the material used in composite filling, it looks like the original tooth.

Most of the patients are afraid of the tooth filling because of the fear of pain. Secondly most of the fillings are not of good material so they began to shrink after filling. At Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, researchers have invented a new mean of filling which is totally painless and also does not shrink after filling.

The composite filling is the best filling, it is made up of organic resins and inorganic fillers. It is the most biologically safe filling then the other fillings in the market. It affects the endocrine system. It does not causes any sensitivity issues regarding tooth.
Madha Dental College and Hospital professor and head, department of conservative dentistry and endodontics, Dr. V Susila Anand used to say that composite filling shrinks up to 5%. It not only causes pain and post sensitivity issues but it also causes gaps between the tooth and the filling.

The endodontists are trying their best to invent new type of fillings which are less harmful to the body. The chemicals leaching from the fillings are used to destroy endocrine system and also affects the sex hormones in the body. It also causes toxic reactions in the body. This new type of filling is less toxic, does not leach and does not shrink as well. It also proves biologically safe. The new composite filling releases 50% less heat and keeps the pulp tissue safe.

IIT-M department of engineering design Professor Venkatesh Balasubramanian used to say that the composition of the new composite has been designed so that it is safe to use and is designed after passing many chemical tests. It is clinically safe to use.

He said: “This was done to understand the stability of the composite network and the correlation of its leaching to biological safety.’’

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