Mutated HIV discovered

Most of the people perceive AIDS as the most dangerous disease to have. Well, HIV now has become several folds more powerful. Scientists have discovered a new aggressive HIV Strain that can progress to full-grown AIDS within three years if left untreated. The new super HIV has become an epidemic in Cuba where people often do unprotected sex with multiple partners.

According to researchers, the newly discovered HIV is a combination of three types of virus. Thus, affecting the victim’s immune system blazingly fast. Its rate of deteriorating the immune system is such that scientists fear that they won’t get enough time to cure the patients before it’s too late.

Scientists are worried as they have not got any success in developing a standard treatment for HIV and mutated HIV has already started taking its toll. Hector Bolivar, a physician and infectious disease specialist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, said, “HIV research community has long known about the virus’ capacity to mutate and create new versions. More than 60 strains of HIV type 1 exist in the world because of mutations.”
The researchers analysed the blood samples of 73 patients infected with HIV of which 52 were found to have AIDS whereas 21 were not diagnosed with AIDS. They compared these blood samples with the samples of the patients who developed AIDS and were infected with HIV for more than three years.

After analysing the data, researchers found that the patients who were infected with the mutated HIV developed AIDS within three years. Whereas a patient infected with normal HIV develops AIDS within 6-10 years. Since, no valid treatment is available to cure HIV, scientists warned people to have protected sex, and requested government agencies to promote several prevention techniques against HIV.

The findings of the study appeared in the journal EBioMedicine.

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