The Navy has put a ban on electronic cigarettes and vaporizing devices all over the fleet, due to concerns about the battery-powered gadgets which might explode and injure sailors and environment.

The new rule says “spend the use, possession, storage, and charging of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems aboard ships, submarines, aircraft, boats, craft and heavy equipment,”  as per a Navy press released this Tuesday.

This prohibition of e-cigarettes applies to the Sailors, Marines, Military Sealift Command civilians and any other personnel working on or who is visiting those departments.

The release said that this latest policy is in response to continuous reports of explosions of electronic nicotine delivery devices which takes place due to the overheating of lithium-ion batteries. “Multiple sailors have suffered serious injuries from these devices, to include first- and second-degree burns and facial disfigurement.

In these cases, injuries have resulted from battery explosions while ENDS use, charging, replacement or inadvertent when comes in contact with a metal object at the time of transportation.

This move was announced internally on Tuesday by means of a joint message from Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces and Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
This prohibition will stay effective 30 days from the release of the policy on May 14, and this will remain in effect till a final determination can be made after having a thorough analysis.

The units which are deployed might request extensions over the removal of the device until they have their next port visit. Supervisors should be sure bout removable lithium-ion batteries being removed from the units and preserved according to the ENDS manufacturer instructions, wrapped in plastic wrappers, using a plastic bag or any other non-conductive storage devices.

Sailors on shore are still allowed to use ENDS present on base, but they must do so in provided smoking areas ashore while they are on military installations.

Sailors are encouraged to make use of available tobacco cessation resources and programs which are offered by Navy medical services and Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP) programs.



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